About Richard Albon

Our lives are shaped by the people we know and the things we do. Some people wish to have those special moments captured in a unique way as a gift or a treat. The following quote from a customer gives some idea of why a painting works best:


“I am looking for that personal touch in a treasured memory. This would be something more personalised and alive than just a photograph. Having seen friends with horses painted, I believe a painting of my horse would offer feeling, thought and effort, unique in creating that special memory.”

2018 Exhibitions

Tavistock Bedford Square (All Saturdays): May 5th,  June 2nd, August 4th, Sept 1st  Oct 6th, Nov 3rd, Dec 1st
North Devon Show Wednesday 1st August
Okehampton Show Thursday 9th August
The Wadebridge Winter Festival at Cornwall Show Ground Nov 17th

Latest from the blog

Lennny The Lurcher

“Happy new year” ! to everyone. What better way to start than introducing Lenny the Lurcher. A drawing done as a Christmas present commission for the owners from a friend and drawn by myself with a feeling I knew this chap quite well although we only met once. Lenny...

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Overcoming Barriers To Ask About A Commission

After a busy show at Wadebridge I found I had many people interested in having a painting of their animal done. But as happens al too often, very few if any follow up in the following weeks and months with confirmation of their interest. For some people it can be that...

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Calving Time

At this time of year farmers are very busy in delivering lambs and calves on their farms and it was no surprise that I had great trouble contacting one farmer to inform him that his painting of South Devon cows and calves was ready. The painting 18 x 12 inches...

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