Its good to be back after a badly needed break and I was greeted by messages for commission work which was a nice welcome. One such enquiry was for a drawing of a Polish Arabian horse called Romeo.  As with many commissions the client supplies the photographs digitally either by facebook or email. I then start to do an assessment and provide them with digital sketches based on their photographs and providing a preview of what the finished artwork might look like.

Going back 20 years or more ago some artists would have done this with thumbnail sketches on paper and met the client.  This assessment of Romeo was completed today with the chosen design to be done on A4 as a pencil drawing. This is great for the client and the artist as both know what the end result should look like with virtually no risk of a disappointing result.  Two options were presented as shown. The difference was  in combining a head portrait with an action shot as opposed to just an action shot. Artistic license applied in combining the images and providing a suitable setting that draws attention to the subject.

My thanks to Romeo’s owners and friends who also helped.