Contact me and we can go through your requirements in detail. If necessary a visit can be arranged to see my work first hand or for me to meet/study the subject.

Most commissions are handled by phone, email and post with updates and photo references etc provided by the client. Preliminary artwork is done before committing to a design and price, so there is no obligation until we have agreed on what is required.

You are the best judge of the work, so I will keep you informed at all times to make sure you are happy.

Prices start at £200 for an A4 pencil drawing and £600 for the same size painting.

My clients come from around the globe so distance is no obstacle with the way I work.

A good first step is to email me  your thoughts on what you have in mind with some photographs if possible.

Lenny The Lurcher

An A4 pencil drawing of Lenny. The use of a central head study and additional thumbnail drawings outline aspects of Lenny’s character. Like every artwork undertaken, every effort is made to achieve an excellent likeness and provide a visual impact that creates a three-dimensional representation of the subject on a two-dimensional surface. This is a skill only possible by an artist using observations of the subject, photographs and feedback from the client on the character. The owners were overwhelmed with the result.



An A4 watercolour of Paddy the Irish Terrier. This design is a very popular format for commissions, revealing elements of the animal’s character. Irish terriers are very animated in their movement.


A Saluki Greyhound cross, Rufus is treasured by his owners. They wanted something special in the form of a pencil drawing to describe who he was, long after his departure. Having received the drawing the owner said: “A big thank you for the wonderful picture of Rufus, the extra painted print and CD.”

South Devons

An A3 watercolour commission from the award winning owner of the best  South Devon herd. As well as the subjects, it was important  to include the correct setting, so features like the local church can be seen in the background.


This A4 Pencil Drawing of Romeo is an Arab Horse by Rumak out of Marie Antoinette. When receiving the finished drawing the owner said:

“Richard, you are an amazing artist. You have captured the beauty and spirit of my Arabian horses Romeo looks so stunning and being the son of a world champion this picture brings tears of joy.”

Belgium Blue Bull

This A2 plus painting was commissioned by a farmer from Corsham near Bath. As with all commissions

the poses and overall design are discussed with the client prior to starting the painting, so everyone

knows what to expect. The end result was presented in a frame and hung soon after hand-over. The

farmer and family were delighted with the result and have something special to treasure their memories

of this departed friend.


This A4 drawing of Poppy the Cocker Spaniel is typical of so many I do. The client said afterwards:

“My mum was over the moon with her portrait it has taken pride of place thank you so much”

 Family Heirloom

This water colour painting 48x36 inches describes the Archer family and their interests. A legend describing the content goes with the painting and prints for each family member. The work provides a highly personalised and unique record Something which can be passed down through future generations.

“Dear Richard, Just to say how thrilled I am with our painting. It is really the most amazing picture and fantastic record of the last 30 years, and now that it is on the wall, I love studying it. All the horses and people are so good. The horses look as if they are about to come out of the picture. Thank you and best wishes. Yours Sue”

Further examples of my work can be found in the Gallery section. These include originals created to demonstrate capability as well as work and limited edition prints for sale.

A Farmer’s Favourite

After doing many commissions of dogs and horses, I recently started to work on livestock subjects. This painting was done for a Cornish farmer of his prize South Devon Bull and Heifer.

A Riding History Of Philip Johnson

From the first pony ride at 9 years old then on to show jumping at Burghley, through the racing career with best friends and family. Philip receives this A1 watercolour painting as a 40th birthday present from his wife. Everywhere you look in the work there is a story to tell. When presented the client wrote “Dear Richard, we are amazed at the detail in the faces. It is truely a special record of Philip’s riding career. Everyone who has seen it marvels at the way you have captured the movement of the horses”

Wrags To Riches

The owner of this commission wanted something special to remember their race horse by. The story in the painting is of 3 wins involving support and involvement from family and friends. When receiving the painting the client said “Wrags to Riches was my first racehorse and will always hold a special place in my memory. I was so lucky with three winsand many places. Ridden by my son Chris Honourand often watched by my racing-mad grandson here is our personal story.

Richard has created a true family heirloom with Wrags jumping, winning, going out for his last race, playing with his friends and now happily retired being led out from his stable by little Lucy. Richard has created a magnificent work of art that will always evoke so many memories”

Dressage Rider And Horse – A Special Relationship

A top Dressage competitor wanted something special for her 40th birthday and retiring horse. Instead of a full colour painting this work was given a “timeless quality” by painting in watercolour sepia. When presented with the work on her birthday, tears were shed.

Cat Dog