I am exhibiting in Tavi Arts Market in Tavistock’s Bedford Square again this Saturday and couldn’t help think about the number of people who share their bed with their dog or cat. For some this is a step too far with the thought of a restless night because someone keeps wriggling or worse – snoring!  Well, I have the perfect solution for those who would love to cuddle up to their animal but for a number of reasons it doesn’t seem possible.  Pillow cases featuring your favourite animal offer a great substitute. Apart from a dog or cat it could be your horse or even a Polar Bear. It would be interesting to know if even this idea would be a step too far for some, so I would welcome comments.  I sold a “Chilled Out” Polar bear at my last event to a gentleman who said it was a present for his girlfriend. Hope she liked it. Please come and see me Saturday if you are nearby. I would happy to see any photos you may want to consider for artwork or placement on pillows, cushions etc.