Following on from the last article on the many ways of having an artwork as a memory, there are many reasons why people may not want a commissioned drawing or painting of a pet and hence a copy of the artwork on a functional item such as a cushion.

Over many years I have witnessed people who will buy a specific artwork I have done for a card, print, mug  or any other item because it reminds them of their pet in some way, or even someone else’s.  The cost of a image on such an item is modest compared to that of a commission.  Unlike a commission where the image is the truest  likeness of the of a particular animal, an artwork  on an item can be similar enough in appearance and character to be symbolic.  One example is Perry who was our first Greyhound. In the painting I did many years ago called Forty Winks, Perry sleeps in his favourite armchair.  The image has been copied on to most of the items on the website and has proved popular with many Greyhound admirers. Some saying that it reminds them of their own pet in the way he sleeps, and some say that they see it as a symbol of someone or a breed they love very much.