My show at St Mellions yesterday was quite eventful . Many times I find one of the biggest thrills at shows is meeting so many interesting people and stories about their animals. At St Mellions Christmas Fayre yesterday I met someone who had a claim to Britains oldest cat called Lewis. When interviewed by a national paper last year Lewis was 25 years old. Typically cats live on average to 16 years of age according to “The Guiness Book Of Records” although my sister has had two cats that lived to just over 20. The owner told me that sadly Lewis died recently at the grand old age of 26, but was quite a character having great ferocity and stubbornness. So much so that her local vet finally refused to clip the cat’s nails because it was too dangerous. Lewis was occasionally taken for walks in the local park.

The owner – Jill expressed interest in my stand and enjoyed seeing my drawings and paintings illustrated on mugs coasters and cushions etc, like Scuffkins