Following on from my last blog on people and their animals, I recently found some old work done back in 2008 when I exhibited at a major horse trials event.  This has to be one of the few sports when you can get really close to the competitors and action, and provides much material for telling the story of the sport and those involved. Emotions run particularly high at such events and everyone can get caught up in it,  not just the horses and riders but their friends and family. I took the trouble that year to spend a great deal of time on a project that involved many of the top eventers. The artwork was done in watercolour sepia for invidual subjects and brought together in a huge full colour painting telling the story of the sport.  The watercolour sepia study shown of Daisy Dick was one of around twenty illustrations painted. It was an immense project  showing the many different aspects of the sport along with cameos of trophy presentation  and portraits of some of the organisers and sponsors. When at this show I was painting Daisy and was thrilled to meet some of her friends, who were able to comment on the work and told me about her character and love of the sport. Painting in sepia provides a timeless view of things and allowed quick studies to be made.