Most of the time I spend working on commissions of just animals,  but occaisonally  people appear in my work with their animals and it can make for a picture rich in emotion as well as a story.

I was inspired to do this drawing 6 years ago when I was passing a field across the road from home and saw this foal alongside his mother. Gem the foal was only a few hours old and kept close to Ruby at the far end of the field. I thought the mother would be too nervous for me to approach so was surprised, when  she led him towards me and paraded just a few yards away as if to say how proud she was to be a mother.  It was fascinating to watch Nita the owner working with them as Gem grew up. Ruby had never been ridden so had to be “broken-in”  while Gem was just fascinating to watch as he explored his new world. Over the first few years I recorded many scenes to show their development and it has made for some interesting drawings.