It is the first week of January 2016 and there is new hope for a successful year. I have provisionally booked some events to show my work which have just gone up on my website home page. Many years ago I exhibited at many large sporting events around the UK.  Although Bath Race Course was not the largest event it was certainly the windiest as shown here, being so high up caused me much grief in setting up my little stand.  At that time I was only starting out as an artist painting people’s pets and had to learn much the hard way, as I am sure has happened  to other artists. I don’t recall selling much there but found it interesting for the people you meet.  Before this I was exclusively a wildlife artist painting everything from Elephants to Leopards and Lions. My most well known work at that time was  a study of elephants shown.  Called “The Gathering” it was painted in sepia acrylic and won the prestigious “David Shepherd Award” at an exhibition in London. Subsequently David Shepherd’s publisher were granted rights to produce large prints from the painting which were sold in many high street galleries around the UK.

Looking back at that time has made me realise it has been a while since I produced some wildlife art.  Perhaps sometime this year, we will see. Happy new year to everyone.