Over time I have often heard people deciding to provide specific décor to a room in their house making it special to events  in their past. It may be a part of the world visited or a particular passion, or even someone special. With wall space a premium, paintings drawings or prints can become a problem. Some time back I decided to introduce the idea of my artwork on a range of domestic items that build towards a theme. This is especially significant if the images are personal to the owner as with commissioned work, or if the subject is an important part of your life. The idea of having a room theme of Arabian horses with cushions coasters, mugs, table mats etc as well as wall hanging prints and originals has an appeal to anyone who has a passion for these amazing creatures. I would like to thank Susan and Trevor for helping to make this possible for their horses as an artform  on cushions coasters and mugs as well as prints and originals.