People don’t like to be reminded of the fact Christmas is only so many weeks away when we are still enjoying late summer weather.  For artists, now is the start of a busy period when hopefully lots of interest starts to happen in gifts for family and friends.  I have attempted to draw attention to my website  by placing a advert on Facebook for anyone who loves animals and is thinking about an animal related gift. It may be something simple and relatively inexpensive like a mug or cushion with a favourite animal, or something more such as a commissioned artwork of a dog, cat or horse.

While I always try to do my best to meet needs. It always helps when people allow plenty of time to receive an item.  Quite often this time of year triggers thoughts of a special event next year and a commission enquiry for that now helps me plan ahead without last minute deadlines. An example I did was this A3 pencil drawing of two German Shepherds as a 50th birthday present for the owner from his wife. The initial approach was made in September with the birthday being some 7 months later.