As I write this I have just finished a Saluki study. She is called Costa and like so many subjects that I don’t meet at the time, I always try and follow up with a visit if possible. Time and distance are factors but I have a real soft spot for Sight Hounds like Salukis and Greyhounds. The images of  Costa provide a few clues to her character  and remind me of my current Greyhound Misty. Misty loves social contact with people now after the sad loss of her fellow Greyhound Pluto just before Christmas. It was a worry how she would adjust to being on her own, but she is a different person now in several ways. I have frequent conversations with her which revolve around play food or walks. She responds to playbows by touching noses and picking up toys.

People probably think I am bonkers playbowing in front of a dog. Her facial expressions when she looks at you are so animated and full of description of what she wants to say and feel.  She encourages you to run with her by racing ahead followed by waiting for you to catch up.  When with other people I am amazed how she pays attention to everyone with the interaction. There is so much to learn  about how our animals think and interact with us. When discovering something new it makes you appreciate how many signals we miss when being with animals. So while I can imagine Costa has some things in common with Misty, she is every bit as special to her owner with her own  character.  I look forward  to meeting  Costa.