Customers are always a surprise when it comes to knowing what they want from a painting or drawing of their horse or dog. Just painting what you see, whether its a photo or the subject in front of you makes little difference, as we all see things differently. The owner of the horse, in this case  Desert Orchid revealed so much more about him than I could tell. From his character, appearance and those unique features and nuances that makes everyone different. After gathering all the information I could then confidently paint the subject with the result that it was a true reflection of the animal To illustrate the different views everyone has, I once did a painting of a horse for a customer who wanted to share it with her daughter who co-owned the horse. But the painting was done  according to the requirements of the mother who wanted a particular look in the eye. When  finished the mother was very pleased, but the daughter was upset and didnt agree with the look portrayed. The result was I had to produce a drawing from the painting for the daughter, conveying a softer look in the eye